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agency that finds Leads For your Business

We Create Powerful Advertising Campaigns On Social Media

By creating high-quality targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, your audience will see greater value and desire in your product or service.

We Focus On Sales & Measurable Returns On Your Ad Spend

No advertising campaign will last if it's unprofitable, which is why we only work with businesses we can help.

We Communicate with Transparency & Authenticity

Open, clear and honest communication is the key to the continued success of any relationship, and the relationship with our clients are no different.

Facebook &

Our agency’s primary and initial focus has always been Facebook & Instagram advertising. We’ve become extremely skillful at advertising on both these platforms, and have generated businesses millions of dollars in profitable sales each year.

Crypto & MetaVerse

Blockchain technology will allow the next generation of communication, entertainment and business to flourish. We’re already working alongside new ventues to accelerate their growth speicifcally within the blockchain gaming sector, and will be offering full-scale advertising services within the metaverses as the technology becomes available.

Marketing CRM

We have a custom built CRM (Customer Relation Management) solution that we can integrate into your business, allowing you to store, manage and convert leads, track sales and return from ads, as well as send emails, texts, and much more.

Consulting &
Training Services

Apart from practising, we also love teaching. We provide private or group training services to organisations, created to help educate team members with proven strategies and valuable insights that they can implement.

Mitch Vella

Co-founder &
Chief Marketing Officer

Mitch founded his own marketing agency in 2016 and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on digital advertising and generated his clients millions of dollars in sales.

He’s helped businesses generate tens of thousands of leads from a multitude of different industries and is looking to apply his proven strategies to upcoming businesses who offer world-class services to their customers.

Some of his achievements include:

Generated over 250 leads for a restaurant in 72 hours.

$60,000 in 24 hours for an Australian fashion brand

$500,000 of leads for a local business over 3 months.

Mitch is also a landscape photographer, pianist, rock climber, avid nature hiker and loves working with driven individuals to help them grow their business and step into their creative potential.

Nish Sequeira

Co-Founder &
Chief Financial Officer

Nish has launched multiple successful businesses in a range of industries which bring invaluable insights to Saturn Digital.

With years of experience in the marketing space, he has built a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is known for his ability to recognise strong businesses with organic growth in their niche and identify the steps needed for these businesses to reach their maximum potential through digital marketing.

Nish plays a key role in the finances, business development and growth strategy of Saturn Digital which is attributed to his diverse network, ability to form strong partnerships and being a step ahead at all times.

Nish loves his tech and is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is also the CoFounder of ‘Jade’, a disability services provider and has a passion for helping anyone in need to live their life to their fullest.

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