How we generated $945,481 of Leads

for Daniel’s Car Audio business in 7 months

Keep the communication effective and simple.

That’s been our most powerful learning after generating thousands of leads for GL Pro Sound.

Daniel’s service is easily illustrated through the use of images and video, and so with the ads we use, we make sure that the end result is attractively displayed.

Here is an example of one of our best-performing ads in both lead cost and volume.

The first thing you’re eyes are drawn to is the contrasty and catchy creative (the image).

If you’re someone that’s looking are car audio systems, straight away this is going to capture your attention.

From an engagement perspective, people will either do one of 2 things:

  • Click the ad
  • Read more

This is where we use both the headline and the ad copy to communicate more information about the services, benefits, or a offer.

Once someone clicks on one of these ads, we capture their contact information using Facebook’s internal lead form.

We’ve found that using Facebook’s internal lead form, especially after iOS update 14.6 delivers significantly cheaper leads that are easier to qualify.

The information is then imported into a sales CRM we implemented into the business, and each lead follows a strict follow-up process created the maximize the probability of a sale.

New leads automatically receive nurturing emails that make it easy to have the initial sales conversion when we contact them.

Here’s a screen capture from the ad account of the leads we’ve generated from 01/01/21 – 20/07/21.

To summarize the key learnings we’ve shared in this case study:

  • Keep communication simple.
  • Communicate as visually as you can.
  • Make sure your ad creative is visually striking.
  • Using Facebook’s lead form is more effective because people don’t have to leave the platform.
  • Explain to people how they can take the next step in the ad copy, ‘Get your free quote now‘ for example.
  • Have a strong follow-up process for the leads online and offline.
  • Use a CRM to make it easier to convert leads into clients.


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