How We Increased Sales By 300%

For Debbie’s Local Dog Training Business

Selling is easy when people don’t feel like they’re being sold to!

What if I told you that simply helping people understand the depth of their problems could go on to skyrocket your sales conversion rate?

That was our thought when we encouraged our client, Debbi, to use her extensive dog training experience to create sales opportunities.

We created an offer where dog owners could claim a free 15 minute Q&A and promoted it on both Facebook and Instagram with paid ads.

We all know that people have a soft spot for their pets, and when they are experiencing challenges with their pet, and very quick to try and find solutions to it.

One key advantage we’ve had that’s really done wonders with our advertising performance is the cuteness factor of our images.

People who own dogs generally react very positively to the sight of dogs.

And so the moment an ad pops with a cute pooch, it’s NOT going to feel like an ad at all…

Straight away we have our target audience’s attention, and then we direct that attention to a headline that states they get a free 15 minute Q&A with a professional dog owner.

From there, the ad captures their contact information, and we then contact them for the 15 minutes of Q&A.

We also worked with Debbi to implement a CRM that allowed us to store, manage and track the status of the leads.

Through some fine-tuning, we’ve managed to achieve a conversion rate of 24.35%.

That means 24.35% of the cold leads coming in are being converted into actual revenue.

If you’ve worked in sales before and tried converting cold leads, you’ll know that this is an exception conversion rate!

Below is a screenshot of our sales pipeline from our CRM since January 2021, and this doesn’t include the work we’ve done promoting her online products and services too.

To summarize the key learnings we’ve shared in this case study:

  • The best way to sell people is by not making them feel like they are being sold to.
  • Get people talking about their problems.
  • Use cute and catchy ad creative. 
  • Use systems and tools to track the revenue generated by the offer if you want an immediate understanding of ROI.


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