How we Created 1,500 Leads

for Tara’s Pizza & Wine Bar in 60 Days

Never underestimate the power of a valuable offer!

If I could give business owners only ONE piece of advice to make their marketing more successful, it would be this…

Create a magnificently valuable offer!

Your offer is the gateway for new customers to enter your business.

Think of it as a shortcut to create a transactional relationship with a potential customer.

There’s a saying amongst high-profile marketers and business coaches that the only thing stopping a business from getting all the clients they want is a good offer.

I couldn’t agree with this more.

Offers are timeless. They’ve worked for the last 100 years and they’ll work for the next 100 years.


Because when the value is clear, the decision is easy.

The moment someone has an opportunity to get something that’s limited and valuable, most of their transactional objections are overcome.

This ad alone captured 1,417 of the 1,500 leads.

Note how simple the ad actually is.

Within seconds you know exactly what the value is, and if you like pizza, then you’re immediately going to see the value in this.

Now, you may be wondering…

How is giving away a free pizza generating revenue for the business?

When people show up at the restaurant to claim their free pizza, they order many other things like entrees, mains, desserts, drinks, etc.

The pizza is just the incentive to get them in the restaurant, and it only takes a few dollars in ingredients on the restaurant’s behalf to make that happen.

We also invested the time to set up the business with a CRM that would automatically send out email reminders to customers to use the voucher, as well as sending them a booking request form so they could book via email.

The CRM allowed us to track how much people were spending per order.

We initially made a conservative estimate of around $60 spend per customer whilst they are at the restaurant.

After 2 months of measurement, it turns out it was actually double that, with the average spend being approximate $127.54.

When we take into account, it’s only costing us $1.56 to generate a lead (see screen capture below) and then a few dollars of ingredients to make a $127.54 sale, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that’s a pretty solid ROI.

To summarize the key learnings we’ve shared in this case study:

  • Create great offers to attract new customers.
  • Think long term – ask yourself, ‘what’s a new customer worth to my business?’
  • Ensure you ad creative & copy clearly communicate the offer.
  • Use systems and tools to track the revenue generated by the offer if you want an immediate understanding of ROI.
  • Put the people who claim the offer in an email reminder sequence to maximize the uptake of the offer.


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