How To Consistently Get ClIents FOr YOur Online COaching BUsiness

By Mitchell Vella

By Mitchell Vella

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

I get a lot of questions about lead generation…

One question that comes up often is, “What are the best methods for generating paid leads for my online coaching business?”

So I decided to put together this article to give you some examples of what has and hasn’t worked for me.

I wish someone had simplified it for me this way when I was first starting out, because it would have same me a whole lot of time, money and headache.

Believe me when I say that I’ve tried most (if not all) of these methods over the years. And even though there have been a few brief periods where one or two were working really well, overall they have not been as effective for me as the three pillar method I’m going to share with you.

The three-pillar ‘lead flow’ method is the only strategy I’m using for my client’s businesses, and there’s not a single client that’s not been happy with the outcome.

So without further delay, let’s get into it…

Lead Flow Pillar #1 - Your Heart Stopping Offer

‘When the value is clear, the decision is easy.’

Never forget that statement, because it will transform the way you communicate with your client persona.

People make a decision and take appropriate action when they see the value in something.

As human beings, we are motivated to acquire what brings us value and disengage from or lose interest in anything that doesn’t.

The problem here is often not the service we are offering…

Most coaches offer fantastic, life-changing services.

So why don’t most people take action if that’s the case?

Here’s the main reason…

It’s because they’ve failed to make that person understand the value of the product or service.

That it! That’s the obstacle!

It has nothing to do with the service itself and everything to do with the communication of the service.

This explains why bad products with great marketing will always sell and great products with bad marketing never do.

So how can you overcome this issue?

Part of the solution is to create a clear, valuable offer.

That can only be done by first understand what your persona values, because value itself can be very subjective.

And to be clear, ‘value’ DOES NOT always mean ‘discount’ or low prices.

Yes, discounts can increase the value, but can also create problems if relied upon too heavily.

Instead, it’s imperative to acutely focus on your communication.

Your communication is your pathway to the building value.

To find the right words, you need to understand your persona’s needs, challenges, and aspirations.

The more complex or expensive your solution, the more thorough and precise you’ll need to be with your communication.

This can take a great deal of trial and error to get right, but it’s the difference between scaling and stagnating.

Let’s think back to a past experience…

Have you ever been shopping or browsing online, and you came across an offer so powerful it completely stops you can your tracks?

Next thing you know, you’re heart is pounding as scramble to grab your card to punch in your payment information.

The moment the sales go through, it feels like you’ve just won a prestigious award.

It makes you want to celebrate as you ride that adrenalized high!

It’s no different than a speaker delivering an incredible pitch from the stage and seeing people run to the back of the room before they’ve even finished talking.

That’s exactly the impact we want to have!

That question I want to leave you with us this…

What combination of words do you need to use to create that level of extreme desire?

Lead Flow Pillar #2 - Simplified LEad Collection

You’d be surprised how often we seem to unconsciously make things difficult for people to transact with us.

Let’s explore this a bit more…

We have an expectation of someone who knows’s nothing about us, doesn’t really know what problem we solve, surrounded by 100’s of distractions, to use their time time to:

  • Read an ad
  • Click on the ad
  • Wait for the page to load
  • Read the landing page
  • Click the CTA button
  • Enter their information
  • Watch a 15 – 90 minute video
  • Book a time with you
  • Wait a few days
  • Show up to call


When you break it down the process, you begin to realize just how much we are asking people to do…

And especially, people who at this point in time, really couldn’t give a damn about who you are or what you’re selling.

How many actual sales are slipping through the cracks because of the longevity and complexity of this process?

If you’re serious about the success of your clients, you need to make sure the journey from clicks to clients is as easy, smooth, and enjoyable a possible.

After all, this experience is the very first impression they’ll have with your business.

Lead Flow Pillar #3 - Proactive Salesmanship

Congratulations! A new lead has come through…

Someone has just signed up for your free webinar, digital download, on-demand training, or discovery call.

What 99% of coaches & consultants will do at this point is sit on their hands and waiting for people to book, magically filling their calendar up overnight.

The truth is, it takes a lot of work and some pretty solid marketing and system processes to get to that point. 

Most coaches or consultants these days are trying to automate their entire appointment setting process and even their sales process.

There is a big problem with that…

Why are you trying to automate something which you haven’t completely worked out yet?

If you already had it worked out, your calendar would already be full, wouldn’t it?

Let me make this as clear!

The only point in which you should be automating your appointment & sales process is when you or your sales team no longer have the capacity to sell because of the inbound lead volume.

Selling person to person is always going to give you the best conversion rate.

Why? Because it’s a dynamic, personalized experience, for both the prospect and the sales consultant.

Before you try to sell medium or high ticket services on a landing page or through a webinar, there needs to be an extremely comprehensive understanding of the sales process and proven salesmanship.

That takes mastery, and mastery takes years or even decades! 

Now, you may be thinking to yourself…

‘But Mitchell, this is a great qualifier! If they can’t even complete a simple process, then I don’t want to work with them’.

Fair point, but floored thought.

If someone has invested their time to read your ad, click the ad, and give you their information, that’s already a huge win for you…

Especially in 2021.

So you can either sit there and wait for them, expecting to do the rest of the dance on their own, OR, you can make the next move, and start dancing with them.

I can tell you now, when you apply this proactive and personalized approach, you’ll be dancing for real…on your way to the bank!

So give them a call, send them a personalized email, immediately…

Don’t even wait for them to watch the webinar.


Sideline the ego, reach out, and start building a relationship, because that person could be your next client.

In a world where everyone is trying to automate and disconnect themself from sales, sell in-person, with care, with heart.

Human connection & acceptance will always be our most desired necessity.

NexT Steps...

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this post, and more importantly, are able to apply something new to your business.

If you need help setting up lead ads, or what me to take over it for you and become part of your time, book a free consult by clicking the button below and I’ll see if there’s some way we can support you!

By Mitchell Vella

By Mitchell Vella

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer