How A Simple Retargeting Campaign

Created $60k IN Digital Product Sales at 4x ROAS

In December last year, we got a wonderful opportunity to work alongside two successful Youtubers.


One of the difficult challenges in advertising for a business is priming the audience so they are ready to make a sale.


Normally this has to take place in the form of great copy, attractive and functional landing pages, and powerful offers.



To summarize the key learnings we’ve shared in this case study:

  • Create great offers to attract new customers.
  • Think long term – ask yourself, ‘what’s a new customer worth to my business?’
  • Ensure you ad creative & copy clearly communicate the offer.
  • Use systems and tools to track the revenue generated by the offer if you want an immediate understanding of ROI.
  • Put the people who claim the offer in an email reminder sequence to maximize the uptake of the offer.


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